In pursuance of the Cigalah Group’s further total commitment to the Kingdom’s Healthcare sector as well as contributing to the social wealth fare of Saudi society, Aghrass Medical was established as a multi-function company involved in these area of operations.

Aghrass can be clearly defined into following operating groups, namely:

The production, sales and distribution of private brand medications initially for the treatment of Neuro, Vascular & Cardio complaints with plans for expansion into other areas, These medications are all dully approved by the appropriate Saudi authorities. Also the sales and distribution of outsourced medications for Gastro, Neuro ailments as well as a range of Antibiotics.

Dermalogical Skin Care
The sales, marketing and distribution of a range of Demagogical based skin care and treatment

Ophthalmological – Eyecare
Supplying a range of quality Ophthalmic products for eye care including eye drops that exactly match the Ph. value of actual teardrops for effective hydration, particularly with respect of air conditioned environments

Hospital Sampling/Promotional Activities
A new full sampling service of paediatric products in gift bags in clinics and hospitals directly to mothers of newly born babies. With plans for expansion into multiple urban areas throughout the kingdom


Aghrass have accepted and are honouring a social responsibility to society with the establishment and management of non-profit clinics aiming to provide a Healthcare to members of the population that are less well-off and not covered by private insurance schemes. This also covers the sectors of Dental treatment, Demagogical complaints, IVF etc. There are facilities for new birth incubators and surgical treatments which do not require overnight hospital stays. These clinics are self-supporting but non-profit and plans are already under way for the addition of further clinics