With the expansion of Arabian Food Supplies (AFS) into the ‘Casual Dining’ sector meant the disciplines in certain areas of management changed, accordingly the Hospitality Division is a separate entity within the AFS Group and managed independently

The Hospitality Division which presently operates in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt has plans to expand its operations not only in Saudi Arabia but also other areas of the Middle East, consequently making it a major player in the market.

The present portfolio of restaurants that the division manages includes:

(Arabian Food Supplies owned operation)

The Fuddruckers operation not only involves the management of Fuddruckers Restaurants in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt but also AFS via its operating subsidiary EMA company owns the Franchise rights for the whole of the Middle East, Africa (excluding South Africa) and Asia (excluding Singapore)

The original Fuddruckers Restaurant concept was established  in the USA in 1980 to cater for a sector of the market that was more selective about the type of burger they want, the ingredients and more so the way it is cooked.

Hence the Fuddruckers Burger and legacy was created and what was come to be known as the “World’s Greatest Burger” this being 100% pure quality freshly ground beef, then cooked not automatically but individually to clientele requests, together with the famous Fuddruckers Toppings Bar which allows the customer to create the ultimate burger, exactly the way he or she wants it

This today remains the benchmark of the renowned FUDDRUCKERS Burger

(an AFS Franchise operation)

The Chili’s franchise owned by Brinkers of the USA was acquired for Saudi Arabia by Arabian Food Supplies in 1999. With the opening of the first restaurant in Jeddah

The first Chili’s location was a converted house in Dallas, Texas, USA, which opened in 1975. At that time the menu consisted almost entirely of burgers, chillies, chilli tacos and fries. The US South-western culinary heritages of Spain, Mexico and Native American tribes is still present every day at Chili’s and is one of the oldest cuisines found in the United States
Today in Saudi Arabia there are Chili’s branches in Jeddah, Riyadh, Al-Khobar, Dhahran and Madinah plus 70+ Middle East locations, further expansion plans are already under way with a new Chili’s Restaurants scheduled to open in the near future in other areas.
The menu includes a selection of appetisers and main dishes such as Country Fried Steak, Country Fried Chicken, Fajitas, and the Fajita Trio, tender grilled steak, marinated grilled chicken and spicy garlic and lime shrimp which is a classic favourite. Added to which are a selection of mouth-watering desserts.
Chili’s prides itself on being the first restaurant in the Saudi Arabia to have offered a variety of low fat and low carbohydrate platters without losing any of the flavours that are associated with Chili’s dishes.

The Chili’s restaurants regularly introduce special promotional items and are constantly updating their menu to offer a discerning clientele a wider choice of superb dishes.

Chili’s Restaurants offer the substantiated claim “No one does it like Chili’s”

(Arabian Food Supplies Franchise)

Arabian Food Supplies (AFS) whom have successfully catered for customer’s food preferences within the region, introduced “On the Border” (OTB) in the Middle East to complement its other restaurant operations and plan to further expand its operations to achieve market leadership in the Mexican food sector
“On the Border ” (OTB) is a full service, casual-dining Mexican styled restaurant which offers an extensive variety of Mexican favourites and is best known for its fajitas and Mesquite-grill favourites. “On the Border” offers in-restaurant dining and patio dining in many locations. The OTB brand also offers the convenience of a To-Go menu which in several restaurants is backed-up with a special To-Go entrance to speed up the take-away service.

The first On the Border Mexican Grill opened in Dallas, Texas In 1982, this Hispanic Latin food craze became a growing phenomenon across America and equally expanded worldwide including the Middle East

The attraction of On the Border is that the menus are extensively Mexican/Texas based offering a variety of innovative and delicious menu items from Mesquite-grill favourites to the famous OTB Borderita Grande and Margarita Selects. There are numerous Off-the-Grill items also the seriously satisfying Big Bordurrito, plus everything Mexican including favourites such as Quesadillas, Fajitas, Sizzling Fajita Salad, etc.