The on-going development and diversification in the Healthcare business has enabled Cigalah to establish its Bio-Medical sector with operations in the fields of bio-medical business, pharmaceutical/medication production, diagnostics as well as natural personal care products.

Following numerous years of proven experience in the Saudi Healthcare sector and Cigalah’s on-going involvement in the supply of pharmaceuticals and High-Tech equipment, principally to hospitals and pharmacies opened up another area within the market sector being for the supply and service for medical devices, dental supplies and laboratory equipment and testing facilities for Clinics, Hospitals and teaching facilities.

Cigalah Bio-Medical now provides an effective service and supply in the Medical, Dental and Laboratory sectors as follows:

Medical: Bio-Medical supplies numerous devices such as portable Breathing Machines and Aids including Oxygen supply equipment, Anaesthesia Devices, and various disposables such as masks, gloves and injections etc.

Dental: The sector supplies a complete range of dental supplies including cavity fillers, cements, crowns, anaesthetics, and disposables.

Laboratory/Diagnostics: Apart from supplying Laboratory equipment and disposables Bio-Medical also supplies a range of Diagnostic test systems and kits.


The management of Cigalah Bio-Medical plan to develop the business and aspire to become one of the market leaders in the field of Medical, Dental and Laboratory/Diagnostic supplies.