The Cigalah Group’s Pharma & Healthcare Division has since its inception almost two decades ago through its ability to define the market’s needs, has now established itself as one of the leading pharmaceutical distribution companies in Saudi Arabia.

The sector now operates as an autonomous entity with its own management structure and seven defined business units. It holds a comprehensive portfolio of pharmaceutical and personal healthcare products from reputable and recognised international companies and has an effective sales and distribution network extending throughout the kingdom to both the private and governmental sectors.
The on-going development and investment in the business has enabled Cigalah Healthcare to grow at a rate that far exceeds many of its competitors, and has established numerous new agencies with international companies under its umbrella.

The group’s regulatory affairs department is commissioned with registering with the respective government authorities’ new products that are being introduced into the Saudi market as well as accurately classifying the products as either registered medication, herbal or aligned into the non-registered free sale market segment.


Cigalah Group Healthcare Division companies are now ideally positioned to further expand its business in the forthcoming decade.