Zawaq Foods factory opened in 1995 on the outskirts. of Jeddah adjacent to the main Makkah highway. The factory is equipped with the very latest in production and packaging machinery supplied by major companies in the USA, UK and Holland. The factory meets the highest food safety standards requirements accordingly is ISO 2200 and JAS-ANZ accredited.

The aim of the Zawaq operation was not only to produce its own brands of snack foods and cereals but also have the facility to produce and pack for intemational principals/brands to a strictly defined and controlled consistency plus standards. To ensure that the. principals are adhered to Zawaq works in unison with international companies in Europe and Asia in importing the best raw materials.

The product range is continually expanding and includes Potato Chips, Corn Snacks and Filled Biscuits as well as Cereal and Oat produ. and as well as distribution Throughout Saudi Arabia the company exports to other GCC, Middle Eastern and North African markets. As well as its Cigalah Fantazee, Oz and Bingo brands, Zawaq Foods can offer outside client’s full production facilities for:

  • Potato Chip and Corn Snack Brands
  • Filled Biscuit type Products
  • Cooking and Breakfast Cereals
  • Co-Packing facilities for a range of Food Products