In keeping up with the market trends United Yousef M Naghi Co. has expanded its activities into other areas of the electronics and home facility sector with the establishment of the Air-Conditioning & Home Facilities Division. This division with its experience, defined other areas of the Saudi home environment where there was a requirement for products that performed efficiently and effectively whilst were at the same time being cost-effective. These included household Air-Conditioning, Air Purifiers, Water Dispensers (Hot & Cold function), Gas Cookers and Bathroom/Toilet equipment.

Accordingly the AC & HF Division now handles the marketing, sales and distribution of the following product ranges:

LAKES a range of multi-functional Air Conditioners backed up by a credible warranty and service facility.

AUX AC’s a Chinese brand which has unique feature ‘4-way Air Flow Technology that ensures instant cooling’

COWAY Korean produced Air Purifiers designed to provide a cleaner air environment with the ability to filter the majority of negative particles commonly found in household air.

CONWAY also a leading Korean innovator of personal hygienic bathroom/toilet accessories including e-bidets

MAGIC & AQUARIA Water dispensers manufactured in Korea and powered with LG Compressors which offer a 10 Year Warranty

MAGIC is one of the market leaders in Korea for Gas Cookers, plus Dishwashers all with numerous unique operating features. Magic is also are a leading innovator of personal hygienic bathroom/toilet accessories

SMEG a range of Gas cookers from Italy with a worldwide recognition as being unique in design and quality which ensures long life and great performance

OCEAN Chest Freezer a European manufactured product ideal for storing those bulky larger items that won’t fit comfortably in a standard freezer drawer. These offer excellent space.